5 Factors to Consider in Picking a Winning Team in the World Cup

Fans are all eager to see which team will come out on top of the FIFA World Cup. The action is coming in fast and it seems that the teams are also keen to put up a fiery show on the biggest stage of football. Fans and punters will have to consider a lot of factors before choosing which side to cheer for.

The World Cup is the biggest stage in all of football, and fans are taking their picks on which team will come out on top of the competition. However, not every team is said to be a favorite in the tournament, and it depends on certain factors that affect their overall chances of winning.

The 2022 edition hosts a lot of great teams at the ready. The matches of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar offer chances that punters shouldn’t pass up. Here are five factors to consider in picking a winning team in the World Cup:

World Cup

Team performance

Every team plays at a certain level and it concerns their chemistry as a whole. This means that you need to see which of these teams have been in good form in their past few games and see how they fared well as a single unit. There is always a chance that a team will win a game if they manage to compete with a full and healthy roster.

Stats also matter a lot when it comes to a team’s performance. Punters need to consider the way they play and how many goals, saves, or tackles they contribute. This is why there are a lot of numbers to consider especially if you are going to root for a team to win a single game in the FIFA World Cup, let alone win the competition as a whole.

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Lineups in the FIFA World Cup change from time to time due to managerial choices or even injuries. There are even times when coaches move a player from an offensive role to a defensive spot. These can be due to formation changes, lineup advantages, and performance.

Managers also try to adopt lineup changes depending on the team they play against. Germany is the best example of this formation change where they adopt a 3-4-3 formation where they can hold the line on the middle part so they can defend better. They soon shift to a 4-2-3-1 lineup if the opposing team can play well at both ends to respond better.


Consistency is a strong factor to consider in picking a winning team that you will also bet on. Teams that have made it to the FIFA World Cup over the years are likely to be set as favorites in the upcoming tournament and have better chances of winning than those who are joining in for the first time. Most odds set in the World Cup are based on the playing teams, and an experienced team with a lot of feats in the competition is likely to win since they know how to handle pressure on the big stage.

Head-to-head records with opponents

Head-to-head stats matter a lot especially if it is a rivalry game. This means that matchups differ from time to time and it changes depending on who they face in a given match. Fans need to consider the way the teams have played against each other over the years, whether it is just friendlies or on the big stage. Punters must consider how they played in terms of stats as well.

Some of the factors that come into play for this one are the number of wins, draws, or losses of a team. The roster changes they made in the past few years should also affect the way they play against each other. This is why knowing more about a lot of stats in a football game can play a huge role in how you get a winning chance in your wagers in the FIFA World Cup.

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Star players

There are a lot of star players playing for their respective teams in the matches of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar. They are expected to step up and put up a huge fight for their respective teams. f Punters consider star power as a factor that can help determine the winner of the World Cup.

Betting on different teams that have two or more star players will have a much bigger chance of winning compared to a squad that has a balanced roster with no stars. A star player’s impact on the squad is always seen in the way they contribute to the overall win, which should make this an easy factor to look out for in betting.

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