Bundesliga Players Who Are Thriving in their Careers

It goes without saying that the Bundesliga league has signed some of the best players in the world- Young and old.

For years, it’s built a credible reputation on being known for investing in some of the greatest talents in world football, so much so that many British players have moved to German football to build a career that’s just as fruitful as signing up on some of the best online casino real money platforms. 

Bundesliga Players Thriving in their Careers

In this article, we’ll look at top Bundesliga players who are currently ranking high and thriving in their professional careers.

Florian Wirtz

Said to be the future legend of German football, Wirtz is an 18-year-old star who’s currently working hard to establish a successful career for himself despite accidentally tearing his ligament back in early February. 

During his time as a football player, his record could easily be matched to a top-flight player who’d been in the game for over a decade after getting 10 Bundesliga assists and scoring seven goals. 

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Moussa Diaby

Back in 2019, PSG was paid €15 million for Diaby despite many seeing the move as a costly risk at the time.

Back then, the star was only 19 years old, but he’d managed to build a promising record for himself while playing for a French club despite needing a bit of time to settle in when he finally moved to Bundesliga. 

Since his move to Bundesliga, he’d become one of the most valued players of the league as he continues to rely on his pace, composure, and trickery to tear teams to shreds once he’s in front of a goal.

After scoring 11 assists and 16 goals in all competitions that he’s played in, we can only sit in anticipation as we patiently wait for the great things that are still to come from his talents. 

Jude Bellingham

Many still struggle to understand how Bellingham could be so talented at just 18 years old. Before moving to Bundesliga, he played as a midfielder for Birmingham City, and even though his career did look promising from the get-go, he was given time to still find his feet in German football before becoming a star.

Since then, he’s played close to 100 games for Dortmund after entering first-team action shortly after. 

Manuel Neuer

In recent years, the Bayern and Germany captain has had his fair share of wobbles due to injury and a disappointing outcome during the 2018 World Cup. From these events, many began calling for his status as number one in the National Mannschaft. 

Despite these challenges, he hasn’t allowed these events to get him down, and this motivation is what inspired his shot-to-save ratio to reach an impressive 72%. This is certainly among the highest in the top flight. 

His ability to avoid attempts from the get-go is what sets him apart from other players. As it stands, Neuer sets the standard on being the best sweeper-keeper, and in his career, he’s been credited for changing the game for many glovemen around the world.  

Thomas Muller

To this day, when it comes to who’s best known for creating goals for teammates, Thomas Muller continues to remain the gold standard.

He tops the Bundesliga assists time and time again with 19 as his set record of 160. This is 57 more than what anyone else has ever achieved. Now that he’s chasing his 10th straight Meisterschale, many say that Muller is Bayern Munich. 

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Christopher Nkunku

When PSG was paid €13 million for Christopher Nkunku, who was then a French midfielder back in 2019, many saw the move as daylight robbery. Nkunku was said to be pretty good last year, but with every passing week, he’s proven himself more and more, so much so that he’s now taken his game to a completely new height. 

In the 28 Bundesliga appearances that he’s been a part of, he’s scored 16 goals, and this is an impressive return for an attacking midfielder. Let’s also not forget the seven goals he scored in six Champions League outings. 

With 17 assists in each of the competitions he’s been a part of, he’s proven to have a very creative presentation. At just 24 years old, he’s a remarkable player who has a bright future ahead of him.

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