7 Football Icons Active in the World of Horse Racing

In the dynamic realm of sports, the worlds of football and horse racing intersect remarkably. This article delves into the stories of celebrated footballers who have extended their passion and competitive spirit from the vibrant football pitches to the electrifying world of horse racing.

This unique crossover between the most adored global game and the ‘Sport of Kings’ showcases these athletes’ diverse interests as they embrace the excitement and challenges of horse racing with enthusiasm and success.

Football Icons in Horse Racing

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1. Michael Owen

Michael Owen, renowned for his striking finesse in football, has translated his sporting prowess into the world of horse racing. His remarkable journey began with an investment in Manor House Stables, developing it into a top-notch facility.

Owen’s most illustrious horse, Brown Panther, is a testament to his dedication. Bred by Owen himself, Brown Panther clinched victories in prestigious races such as the Dubai Gold Cup and the Irish St Leger.

Owen’s transition from a celebrated footballer to a successful horse racing owner and breeder exemplifies his enduring passion for sports.

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2. Sir Alex Ferguson

An icon in football management, Sir Alex Ferguson is known for his unprecedented success with Manchester United. His strategic genius, however, extends beyond the football field. Ferguson’s foray into horse ownership began in 1999, with his most acclaimed horse being Rock of Gibraltar.

Trained by Aidan O’Brien, Rock of Gibraltar dazzled the racing world, winning eight Group One races, including both the English and Irish 2000 Guineas. Ferguson’s love for horse racing mirrors his passion for football, showcasing his adeptness in nurturing champions in both fields.

3. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, celebrated for his achievements with Manchester United, extended his competitive endeavors to horse racing, owning three horses over the years. Rooney’s involvement in racehorse ownership, though not as successful as his football career, remains significant.

Rooney’s latest horse, Announcement, exhibits fiery characteristics reminiscent of Rooney’s own early career.

Co-owned with teammates like Michael Carrick and former colleagues John O’Shea and Jonny Evans, Announcement represents Rooney’s ongoing pursuit of excellence and passion for sports.

This interest in horse racing, possibly influenced by Sir Alex Ferguson’s own racing passion, highlights the crossover of interests among Manchester United players.

4. Ian Wright

Ian Wright, the famed Arsenal forward, expanded his sporting endeavors into horse racing, joining the Crowd Racing Partnership to own Born To Finish. Wright’s involvement in horse racing showcases a deep passion for the sport, embracing the thrill and challenges of ownership.

The syndicate’s early success, including a hat-trick of wins at Lingfield and Kempton, highlights a promising start in horse racing. Wright’s first experience in ownership was marked by excitement and shared joy within the group, celebrating the collective triumphs.

This venture into horse racing represents a new chapter in Wright’s illustrious sporting career, bringing him a fresh perspective on competition and team spirit.

5. Joey Barton

The famed Liverpudlian footballer Joey Barton combines his love for music with horse racing. Naming his horses after Arctic Monkeys’ songs, Barton displays his unique approach to the racing world.

Owning horses like Crying Lightening and My Propeller, he merges Barton’s passions. Currently sacked from the Rovers, racing remains a hobby for Barton.

However, his increased involvement in the sport could be expected after his football career, potentially elevating his presence in horse racing. This blend of football, music, and racing reflects Barton’s multifaceted personality and interests.

6. Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller extends his talents to the equestrian world. Managing a horse yard with his wife, a top dressage rider, Muller showcases his diverse interests. His World Cup victory, Golden Boot in 2010, Champions League wins, and numerous German titles complement his equestrian pursuits.

Known for his playful personality, exemplified by naming his horse “Dave,” Muller’s involvement in horse management reflects his commitment to both football and horse riding, a unique blend of his professional and personal life.

7. Antoine Griezmann

A certain World Cup-winning Barcelona forward has a notable presence in horse racing as an owner. Antoine Griezmann’s journey in the racing world was influenced by his father, Alain.

Griezmann’s key runner, Natsukashi, led his venture into ownership. Griezmann’s horse Tornibush, trained near Lyon by Philippe Decouz, achieved four wins at Longchamp in 2018. Other successful horses include Hooking, victorious at Chantilly and Longchamp, and Start Me Up, winning at Saint-Cloud.

This adds a fascinating dimension to his impressive football career, underscoring his deep passion for various sporting endeavors.

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Final Thoughts

In the realm where football glory meets horse racing’s allure, we’ve seen a remarkable blend of talents and passions. Footballers like Michael Owen, Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney, Ian Wright, Joey Barton, Thomas Muller, and Antoine Griezmann have not only made their mark on the football pitch but have also ventured into the world of horse racing with significant presence and success.

Their transition from scoring goals to racing for glory signifies the depth and range of their sporting interests, illustrating how the competitive spirit in football can seamlessly translate into the equestrian world. This crossover enriches both sports, offering a fascinating glimpse into the multifaceted nature of these athletes.

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