9 Reasons To Love Europe

Europe is a large continent with many different places, but there are still some things in particular that make it a delightful destination to both live year-round and visit on vacation. If you have been thinking about locations that you might incorporate into your next family getaway, perhaps there are a few places in Europe that you would like to go. After all, there are numerous reasons to love Europe.


1. Beautiful Coastline

One reason that it is so popular for people to book European cruises is that so much of the continent appreciates the beautiful coastline. Whether you sail around the frigid waters of the United Kingdom or you visit the warm Mediterranean, there is a lot of beauty to witness from the ocean. If possible, try to plan an adventure that will allow you to have some time to enjoy the beach.

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2. Delicious Food

Whether you order some Spanish paella, Italian carbonara or a Greek salad, there are numerous meal options to swoon over in Europe. You could also opt for a French baguette or a bowl of Russian Beef Stroganoff, depending on your mood and location. Whatever your tastes, there is sure to be something delicious for you.

3. Incredible History

From the great thinking of Socrates and Plato to the awe-inspiring majesty of the Greek temples in Sicily and mainland Italy or the Roman Colosseum, Europe is full of some of the world’s most fascinating history. While all of European history may not be pleasant, knowing about it can help you connect many dots throughout society.

4. Breathtaking Landscapes

With awe-inspiring views in mind, another reason to love Europe is the many gorgeous sights that the continent’s natural landscapes have to offer. From mountains, forests, coastlines, cliffs and every other geographical type in between, Europe is home to some of the most interesting and beautiful natural wonders.

5. Unique Architecture

Other types of views that are noteworthy in Europe may not be from nature, but they are some of the most interesting manmade ones that exist. As another top reason to adore European culture, unique architecture is on many people’s lists. From Roman amphitheaters and medieval monasteries to modern skyscrapers and ancient castles, there is a wide variety of architecture to appreciate. 

6. Vintage Markets

From the Portobello Road market in London to the Feira da Ladra in Lisbon or Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris, another major attraction to Europe is the abundance of vintage markets that the continent offers to shoppers from all over the world. As a continent with a lot of history, it is common to find small commercial setups that specialize in old merchandise.

7. Fun Festivals

If you enjoy getting out and being around others in a fun environment, then you will probably love European festivals and all that they have to offer. From the Festivals La Tomatina in Spain and Oktoberfest in Germany to the Venice Carnival and more, Europe’s got it. Featuring a variety of art, music and food options, the potential for fun is endless.

8. Easy Transportation

Something else to note about Europe’s awesomeness is the wide selection of transportation options that exist. From airways, roadways, waterways and rail, there are many inexpensive routes to travel around the continent. In most cases, jumping on a train and traveling between countries is quick, easy and cheap, and most cities also have buses or subways.

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9. Tasty Wine

European wine-making goes way back to Roman times and before. As such, there is a lot to learn and appreciate about the wines of the region. To get a comprehensive look at the climate, the inhabitants and the ingenuity of the wine-making world in Europe, be sure to book a visit to one of the many vineyards throughout several countries, especially in the Mediterranean.

With so many reasons to love Europe, it is easy to understand why it is one of the most popular continents for people to book their vacations to. Use this list as inspiration as you plan your next adventure.

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