Do You Have an Upcoming Local Sports Event? Here Are The Seven Best Ways to Promote It!

A local sports event is a great occasion to promote your brand and increase its visibility. Additionally, it is a fantastic chance to meet the influential people in your community. Even though the event doesn’t have to be so lavish and extravagant, you should nonetheless keep an eye on its promotional strategies!

Upcoming Local Sports Event

Must-Try Ways to Promote a Local Sports Event

Your promotional strategies can make or break your upcoming sports event. Unless you plan and execute them well enough, it will be hard for you to get people to come and join the event, whether as a spectator or a participant. So, to ensure the success of your sports event, here are the best promotional strategy ideas you can try.

1. Develop a Captivating Event Website

An event website is the perfect place to provide your audience with all the important details of the event. You can put anything here from sports posters and photos from last year’s event to the ticket payment link and relevant blog posts.

Captivating Event Website

Without a doubt, you need to build a fully enhanced website that is able to handle all the traffic you may receive. You should also make sure that your event website is optimized for mobile devices since many of your audience will access it from their smartphones and tablets.

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2. Use Personalized Email Marketing

A personalized email marketing strategy not only allows you to directly approach your audience but also helps you to monitor your promotional efforts through the available analytics feature. It is by far one of the most measurable promotional techniques you can use.

Don’t forget to provide several relevant details in your email messages. It can encourage the recipient to learn more about the whole event. The most important thing here is to provide links so that your audience can access your event website and social media channels easily.

3. Work with Local Media Channels

Getting PR coverage from local media channels is another effective way to engage people within your community. However, you should carefully consider which media you should work with since each one will have a different target audience.

Once you identify the right media channel, you can approach one of their staff in a friendly yet professional way. After that, you can try using additional tools to check the performance of the published stories. Try to work with more than one media channel to increase your publicity.

4. Make Teaser Videos

A teaser video can trigger your audience’s enthusiasm for the event. Some of the details you can include are the event venue, date, and competing teams. However, the more important thing the video should cover is a call to action.

Keep in mind that a teaser video is very short, so you should start it with an attention-grabbing visual. Also, don’t include too many ideas in one clip. It is okay to have several teaser videos for your sports event.

5. Publish Informative Social Media Content

Next, when it comes to social media promotional efforts, you should be super creative! If you only talk about the details of your event in your posts, your audience can be bored easily. Thus, you should also publish informative content that is not so hard selling.

This kind of content not only adds variation to your social media feed but it can also encourage interaction from the audience. For example, you can tell stories about the teams competing or the values of the brands that support you.

6. Offer Early Bird Tickets

This strategy is a great approach to gain some buzz and measure the public’s interest in your event. Yes, by collecting information about the people who buy early bird tickets, you can identify what kind of demographic is interested in your event.

Early bird tickets should also tell you which marketing channels work best for you. This will allow you to concentrate your effort on the working channels and prevent you from making pointless investments in unproductive marketing efforts.

7. Provide a Free Marketplace

Lastly, if you have the necessary resources, you can provide the local businesses in your community with a free marketplace. They will attract visitors, making them highly useful for your marketing efforts. All you need is to ensure that the businesses involved share the same value as yours.

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The Takeaway

While it can sound like a lot of work, taking good care of your sports event promotional strategies can bring great results for you. It will help the public remember your brand better and, on the other hand, you can show them that you care about the community at large.

Lucky for you, there are tools available today that can be a great help when preparing your promotional materials. For example, you have It is a platform that provides you with a ton of graphic elements and templates and allows you to be creative with them.

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