The Main Secrets of Successful Shooting in Shooters and MMOs. How to Properly Eliminate Your Target and Die less often

Many players who spend hours playing a popular and beloved game come to the conclusion that they have reached the maximum of their capabilities.

They cannot return to the starting level, because they are too much superior to their opponents, but they also lack skills to get closer to the world top. Either they kill without a chance, or them.

Some gamers decide to order training with a coach from this website, but the rest just break through the wall instead of reading guides and looking for problems in their game and mechanics.

Successful Shooting in Shooters and MMOs

In this article, we will talk about how you can improve your shooting skills, which are suitable for most projects – CS GO, PUBG, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov and others.

Headshots matter

If you have an easy rank up or game level improvement, then look at your headshot stats, most likely it will be at the level of 20-30%. This is a normal figure for an average player, but not a benchmark.

I think you’ve seen a lot of highlights from shooters where one player deals beautifully with opponents, and almost always these are perfect headshots with a fast pace.

This is the level of the game to which you need to strive and train.\

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Why strive to shoot in the head

The solution lies in simple efficiency – the headshot is a guaranteed kill with most weapons in today’s competitive games.

Of course, when using powerful weapons like AWP in CS:GO, you can not try so hard, because it is important to hit any part of the body, but it is desirable to be able to shoot in the head with any weapon.

How to increase your headshot percentage

You need to train your aim to achieve this shooting pattern:

  • Quick Hover
  • Two or three headshot attempts
  • Switching to a spray for pressure by the number of bullets

Quick aiming is trained along with reaction on special maps, or with the help of applications where you need to quickly aim at pop-up points.

You point the sight at any point convenient for you and sharply move it to the object by pressing the shot button. The task is to quickly and accurately aim and kill the target when fired – if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay, return the sight to its original position and try again, it will start to work out over time.

If there are constant shortfalls, or flights – play around with the sensitivity of the mouse. The lower, the more accurate, but if you’ve always played with a high rate, then it takes time to get used to.

As for two or three attempts, everything is also simple here. The enemy will not just stand there and wait for you to kill him. He will move and shoot back, and if you did not kill each other in the first seconds of the battle, then a game of chance begins, where each shot can end in death, including yours.

Headshot is about accuracy, so if you don’t hit right away, then feel free to switch to spray, lowering the scope and controlling the flight and spread of bullets. With a pistol, of course, this will not work, but with machine guns and assault rifles just right.

Shooting Technique

You can use multiple shooting mechanics

Headshots and we have already talked about them.

Shooting bursts, or three rounds and automatic fire.

Shooting bursts is no less effective than headshots, provided that the target is at a relatively close distance from you. At long range, you need to shoot single shots – it’s more accurate, and in close and spontaneous battles – with automatic fire.

Spray, or automatic fire, is a chaotic shooting sparing no cartridges in order to quickly eliminate one or more opponents. You need to hold the scope so that the bullets fly at the opponents, and not just spent uselessly. Keep in mind that the cartridges will run out very quickly, and if during this time you do not eliminate the enemy, then you are more likely to die.

Understanding the Game

You must not only shoot well, but also think and anticipate the movement of your enemies and the potential actions that they can take.

Let’s take CS:GO as an example.

You should learn the basic game cards that you like – all positions, their designations and frequent places of exits and hiding, in order to be able to predict the plans of the enemy.

Do not expand the pool of cards until you feel confident on each of the current ones.

Mind and knowledge of the territory will develop your ingenuity and add chances of victory due to knowledge, experience and accuracy.

The same goes for grenades and other tricks. Knowing where opponents often run out from, you can reduce their health and then finish them off with small arms, or shoot ahead of them until one of them runs into your random bullet.

Wits and accuracy are the way to high ranks.

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Strafes and movement

You need not only to shoot accurately, but also to avoid damage in return as much as possible and be ready to fight in any situation.

Strafes are a micro-movement from side to side, while maintaining the aiming ability of the player himself, but making it much more difficult for the enemy to hit him.

To strafe, you need to start moving in one direction and halfway move in the other direction, thereby giving a chance to get out of the opponent’s sight before the fatal shot.

You can, of course, and vice versa, go under the bullet, but the chance of success is higher than failure.

This tactic is actively used by esportsmen in CS:GO and PUBG.

With regard to movement, you must plan your maneuvers so that you can always enter the battle on favorable terms for yourself.

For example, you can move around taking into account walls and boxes in CS:GO, crouch before peeking out, but be careful not to go to the enemy in this position, because due to the slowness in the movement on the crouch, you will be attacked much earlier than you even see the enemy.

Crouching while shooting can be used with a switch in order to have a chance to get out of the enemy’s line of fire, as is the case with strafe. You simply crouch sharply and add to the enemy the need to shift the scope, while you yourself can continue to fire.

Use shift to move quietly and be able to walk slowly with a high degree of aim and silently for the enemy with a greater chance of catching them off guard.

Remember that shift masks your steps, but slows down your speed, and even micro-boosting will make a stomp that will reveal your location. You can set the walk button activation in CS:GO.

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