LaLiga Tech: Technology Solutions Made for the Entertainment and Sports Digital Era

Like the time many operators take to establish the best online casinos, LaLiga has spent six years developing various technology solutions that allow organizations to have direct relationships with their fans and supporters, digitalize how competitions are managed, and enhance content by using data within the entertainment and sports industry. 

It’s the world’s first company to bring deep technical expertise and an international sporting organization’s experience together, and with a team of more than 140 employees, it’s now offering commercial solutions to help promote the industry’s digital transformation.

According to LaLiga Tech’s CEO, Miguel Angel, entertainment and sports have a lot of opportunities to build and grow on the emotional connection it has with fans by using an approach led by data to understand fan behaviors and ultimately design modern, profitable and engaging experiences. 

LaLiga Tech

All LaLiga Tech products have been created for a specific sector, and each of these is supported by efforts that have turned LaLiga into what it is today- A digital leader. Let’s look at this in further detail. 

What LaLiga Tech Stands For

There are three principal areas that LaLiga Tech solutions fall under. 

Fan Engagement

LaLiga Tech starts by helping organizations adjust to the virtual behaviors that global fanbases showcase, offering solutions by doing the following:

  • Create and launch a proprietary streaming platform that includes tools in business intelligence so they can analyze different viewing patterns
  • Create and manage campaigns relating to fan engagement so organizations can build an all-round picture of how supporters interact with each digital property
  • Build web platforms and competition apps
  • Create opportunities for digital venue access while enabling personalized experiences

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Content Enhancement

To help offer new insights, LaLiga Tech will incorporate real-time data and invest in content enhancement to offer the following:

  • Media coach: LaLiga will generate advanced in-play data for broadcast partners and coaching teams to use
  • Content protection: LaLiga will provide global analysis and monitoring software to identify and remove any illegal content, whether it’s brand counterfeiting or audiovisual piracy
  • Content integrity: LaLiga will launch software that will help organizations track real-time data from leading betting markets and then analyze sporting event patterns to identify any irregularities

Competition Management

With LaLiga Tech’s solutions in competition management, they will bring various data analytics to the organization’s core by doing the following:

  • Customizing data dashboards that work on visualizing any platform’s performance 
  • Customizing applications that work on digitizing crucial competition processes

LaLiga’s New Global Agreements With Millicom and World Padel Tour

In addition to announcing what it will be offering technologically, LaLiga Tech has also announced that it has concluded two new agreements with organizations across the globe that are part of the entertainment and sports industry. 

First, it announced the alliance it had formed with the World Padel Tour. This partnership will help LaLiga Tech become a technology companion of the padel circuit.

With this agreement, LaLiga Tech will form some fan-facing platforms for the company, which will allow the sport to reach a larger audience. It will also initiate new fan experiences across several assets. 

According to the World Padel Tour CEO Mario Hernando, the agreement will allow the company to take the right steps in building and sustaining a dedicated following for padel anywhere in the world. Already, this has shown exceptional audience growth in previous years. 

LaLiga Tech showcases a complete vision when it comes to anything that has to do with creating and establishing fan bases by using technical data and platforms. This will come with the added advantage of previously demonstrating success within the organization. 

The director of Tigo Sports, Julio Sosa, also added that Tigo Sports is committed to fighting piracy, protecting consumer rights, and protecting the well-being of all the clubs it’s involved with. All this reflects in the signing of the contract. 

If LaLiga Content Protection is on board with the Tigo Sports team, the company will remain as professional as some of the biggest global sports companies in the world.

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At the moment, LaLiga Tech is working with several other clients within the entertainment and sports industry. This includes Dorna Sports, the Royal Belgian Football Association, Moto GP, Sky Mexico, and Jupiler Pro League. 

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