Making Major Goal-Saving Moves In Serie A

The football world is fast changing, meaning that us betting online might change in the near future. The goalkeeping department is seeing multiple changes, especially in Chelsea.

Major Goal Saving Moves In Serie A

Who’s Getting Shown the Door?

With seasons changing, so are the needs of certain football teams, and Chelsea isn’t any different. The club is doing its best to push one of its goalkeepers to an early departure in the summer, but it seems as though Chelsea might be doing their goalkeeper a favor. 

Paparazzi rumor has it that the goalkeeper in question might be moving on to Serie A, which is far more amazing than many may think.

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We’ve all seen how the goalkeepers in Chelsea have been performing of late, which is why Chelsea has decided to address the issue this summer. The goalkeepers in question are Kepa Arrizabalaga and Edouard Mendy, who has hit below expectations costing the team dearly. 

Chelsea is said to be looking to either let go of one or the other or have to let go of both to establish a new team hierarchy and improve the team overall.

Fans and fellow Chelsea fanatics are betting their money on Kepa as many have deemed his performance as below standard and not befitting of being the world’s most expensive goalkeeper. 

With Kepa falling short and the team needing a decent goalkeeper, Chelsea opted to bring in Mendy, who was seemingly doing well in the initial stages. In the long run, Mendy was disappointed, leaving Chelsea with no choice but to keep Kepa.

In December 2022, rumors began floating around about the future of Mendy that involved Mendy, Serie A, and Juventus. It was said that Mendy was a possible target for joining the Serie A side Juventus.

The rumors were later confirmed in Spain, with Mendy running on the lips of many fans and football fanatics.

Juventus is meant to replace a few players as they are trying to upgrade the club. Although the upgrade may come at a high cost, it is much needed, especially in the goalkeeping department, as they are ready to replace Wojceich Szczesny.

The club is said to have been interested in Mendy in 2017 when they decided to go with Wojciech Szczesny instead. With Chelsea looking to let go of Mendy, Juventus sees this as a perfect opportunity to take Mendy off their hands and into their team. 

In 2017, Juventus had to let go of legend Gianluigi Buffon helped the team reach and maintain their current status in Serie A.

Mendy’s contract with Chelsea isn’t supposed to end until 2025. However, the team feels that it would be a good time to let him go. Always keep in mind that things change quickly in football, and therefore, decisions can be changed in the blink of an eye. 

This means that Mendy may stay at Chelsea depending on how things go from now until the summer.

Also, Mendy’s departure does not guarantee that Kepa will be safe. They may both be released, or one of them kept depending on the needs of the team at the time and whether or not they can find worthy replacements. Kepa’s contract is also set to end in 2025, making the pair a duo that could be left in the cold this summer.

There haven’t been any rumors in terms of Kepa’s career, with millions doubting whether his career will survive the let go.

In recent times, Chelsea has been making shifts and rather aggressive moves within their team to make upgrades that will take the team to newer heights.

This is because football is always about remaining relevant and keeping fans happy. Multiple teams depend on the wins they make to keep their team afloat and to keep paying players. 

The better a club is, the more you’ll see the team and the more they will get paid. The more a team loses, the more relevance a team loses especially when it comes to fans.

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This summer is going to be leaving multiple players in the cold. With more and more teams opting to shuffle things around for the good of the team.

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