Most Promising Young Football Players In Europe Right Now

When it comes to new and hopeful football talent, we can say with confidence that Europe can be considered the breeding ground for emerging football stars. Each year new talent is discovered, with great potential to become a valued addition to any football team lucky enough to have these players.

It’s no wonder many clubs invest heavily in football academies that help them streamline this process. This also helps them cut down on transfer costs, and allows them to raise talent directly and reinforce their lines.

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Most Promising Young Football Players In Europe Right Now

Let’s start with some great promising football talent.

Eduardo Camavinga

Real Madrid’s roster is undoubtedly an ageing squad. That’s why the football club invests a lot of money into new talents, such as Eduardo Camavinga. Acquired from French Rennes for an astounding £27.90m.  At just age 16, he was one of the youngest players to ever play for Rennes. 

With 71 matches played in Ligue 1, he ended up receiving a lot of attention in 2019 for his win against Paris Saint-Germain.

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Gabriel Martinelli

Even though Martinelli joined Arsenal in 2019, he has been getting a lot of traction during the 2022/23 season. He is a player well-known for his ability to agile movement, making him a real threat to the opponent’s team. His past performance in the Premier League, as well as the Europa League, is proof that he is very likely, a star on the rise.

Jamal Muisala

20 years old, and already in charge of Bayern Munich’s offensive tactics. Carrying such a responsibility at such a young age is pressure not everyone can take. However, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for Jamal.

As a left-wing player, he has scored 15 goals and 7 assists so far. This is alongside his primary role as an attack midfield player. During his career, he once switched his colours when he played for England, but now he has decided to represent his home birth country of Germany.


One of the younger players at 18 years old, and already playing for one of the world’s most famous football teams; Barcelona. He was a key player in Barcelona’s victory over the football club Getafe in August of 2021, even though at this point he wasn’t all that well-known yet.

When we look at his past performances, especially during the 2021/2022 season, it’s easy to see why he could easily be considered one of the better younger players at the moment. Overall, his handling in tight situations is impressive, and he has so far played in over 33 matches for Barcelona. 

A recipient of the Kopa Trophy award, which is an award given out to the best player in the world under the age of 21, he also plays for Spain’s national team. 

Jude Bellingham

Another young player, Jude Bellingham is an irreplaceable member of Borussia Dortmund’s lineup. During his two first seasons in Germany, he played as the midfield close to 90 times, as well as 18 Championship League performances.

He has also been the team captain, which is a testament to his football expertise and his bright future as a football player. Even though he is just 20, his style of play makes him look much wiser beyond his years. In 2023, Jude Bellingham is looking to be one of the most sought after football players on the market.


Another talent coming from Barcelona. When you see all the talent from this football team, it’s no wonder they are one of the best at what they do. Another 20-year-old like many others on this list joined Barcelona in 2020, and the Spanish national football team in 2021.

He is also the recipient of the Kopa Trophy as well as the Golden Boy award. Originally from the Canary Islands, this football player has been often compared to Iniesta, which is easy to see why. Even though he had hurt his hamstring, he is now back in full form and ready to play.

Florian Wirtz

Florian Wirtz is maybe one of the brightest football talents upcoming from Germany. When he was only 17 years old he debuted for the senior Leverkusen team, which is a fact alone that attests to this young player’s capabilities. With over 13 goals and 16 assists in the Bundesliga, he has some amazing dribbling abilities.

When he was 18 years old he was the youngest player to ever reach 50 games. However, his future as a football player was put in jeopardy after an injury to a tendon.

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Josko Gvardiol

He received an offer of €90 million from Chelsea but instead extended his football contract with Leipzig until 2027. However, it looks like that door remains open. A Croatian player by nationality, he has by now established himself as a great football player. 

As part of the Leipzig team, he helped the club win their first major trophy y in the history of the club. He also plays for the Croatian national team. 

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