5 College Betting Tips That Will Help You Win More Bets

College football offers hundreds of betting opportunities. Not only are there a lot of games that you could bet on, but the odds, spread, bets, and the payouts themselves can also get a little bit insane as the season goes on. 

There’s plenty of fun to be had in this venture, so if you’re new to NCAAF betting, there are many things you might need to know about it. Luckily for you, this article will discuss tips you might want to know if you’re planning to bet on the NCAAF. Here are some of them.

College Betting

Don’t Trust Too Much On Stats

These betting tips highlight a critical difference between college football and professional football. In the NFL, if you’re looking for the players’ statistics, there’s usually a long history you could study from. You could always go back to their college years if they’re rookies. Sure, it might not be ideal, but at least you have some numbers you could base your bets on.

However, you’ll often find an extremely small sample size to pull statistics from in college football. You could go back to their high school years, but not only is it hard to find, but the difference in their skills between their high school and college years is also vastly far apart. So if you’re looking for stats, opt for something other than player stats. What you can do instead is rely on team stats.

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Don’t Bet on All the Games You See

Now, this can be very tempting but betting on the full spectrum of games is just pure lunacy. You need to be better informed about these teams, or your bankroll might also suffer. What you should be doing instead is only picking value bets. This way, you’re rewarded better for the correct pick. The point here is that you should only be betting when it’s smart to do so.

Specialize in a Particular Conference

So you can’t bet on all the games under the sun. So what should you do in NCAAF betting? What you can do instead is pick a conference and study it thoroughly. It’s even better if it’s a conference you know about and you’re having fun tuning into. This way, you’ll become familiar with all this conference’s action, drama, and hype.

As you gain knowledge, you’ll eventually know which team to bet on, which team to bet against the spread with, etc. Knowledge is power, and you can see it when you specialize in a conference. And if you think you’ve mastered a particular conference, what’s stopping you from venturing into another conference? The more conferences you master, the easier it will be for you to find value bets.

Home-Field Advantage is Overvalued

As we all know, playing with a home-field advantage comes with several perks. You’re familiar with the stadium, you have a lot of people cheering for you, and you’re more likely to play harder because of your pride and the fear of losing on your home turf. 

But did you know that bookies accommodate home-field advantage? They are aware of three more points in the spread for a team with home-field advantage. Of course, this makes the favorites overvalued, which is a good opportunity for you to strike.

Recreational bettors love betting on the home team, so most of the action is expected to go on the favorites. Bookies then shade lines against them, making the locals bet on overpriced bad numbers. With that, the underdog is a much more appealing team to bet on because of the price and the payout. 

Remember, bookies want to make the betting field level to earn profits, making the underdog bets more appealing, so more people bet on them. Sure, betting on the underdog is risky since they have a lower chance of winning the game, but if they do, the payout can be pretty insane, especially if it’s a high-profile game where a lot of money is involved.

Shop Until You Drop

We can’t emphasize this enough, but bookie shopping is one of the most important aspects of sports betting. Each bookie has their way of calculating the college basketball odds and payouts. That said, a particular bet might be a little bit cheaper on another bookie, or the payout for this one bet might be better on another one. We’re not telling you to find 50 bookies. Just having 2 or 3 is good enough. Not to mention that many strategies involve multiple bookies to earn a profit.

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Final Words

If you’re new to college football betting, you might want to keep the tips we discussed here in mind. They are a good foundation for your betting career, not just for college betting but for most forms of sports betting. And with that said, we hope that lady luck is with you on your college football betting sessions.

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