Betting On Boxing Day 2022 – How Is It Affected By The Fifa World Cup?

As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022/23 is coming to an end, football fans’ eyes are gradually shifting to the most celebrating, Christmassy and festive event of the sport – Boxing Day Football. Starting off as a traditional public holiday in the UK, today Boxing Day is largely associated with the beginning of the post-Christmas sales and with the ultimate protagonist – the sports. In fact, it is the absolute celebration of football!

Football fans would agree that ”it’s  the most wonderful time of the year!”. There is a cheerful climate everywhere, sport lovers get to enjoy matches with a festive underpinning and punters from all over the world get to choose among interesting betting markets and events offered by UK betting sites, German betting sites, Italian betting sites and literally by betting sites and bookmakers everywhere across the globe.

Betting On Boxing Day 2022

Betting on Boxing Day reaches momentum every year and this season will be no exception to this.

A Little Bit About Boxing Day’s History

Boxing Day has a long standing tradition in the history of the UK. As of the 1870s, the second day of Christmas – that is December 26- was the day when employers would distribute gifts to their employees to show their gratitude for hard work and give food and other things to the poor.

By the mid 1950s, December 26 started being associated with football and Boxing Day came to be the most festive day of the sport.

It is not only football that is celebrated on that day. In fact, it is a holiday, where a number of sport events take place, but let’s be clear, football stands out, most likely because it is the most loved sport in the UK, it has millions of fans across the world and it has fixtures of the EPL, which is the most popular league right now. 

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What Is So Festive About Boxing Day Football?

Every match on Boxing Day is a party for the fans and a unique experience for the footballers themselves. Jubilant fans wear Santa hats and suits, sing Christmas songs mixed with their club’s anthems and get to spend a day full of football in all its glory.

But it is not only the fans that feel so festive on Boxing Day. It is the clubs, the football players, the managers and nearly everyone who is part of the event that gets touched by the day’s “glitter”!

What About Betting On Boxing Day?

Of course, Boxing Day football matches are interesting because of the general celebrating nature of the confrontations -which, make no mistake, they are as competitive and fierce as matches on any other day within the leagues.

However, as we’ve learned from history, Boxing Day games tend to give us some of the most exciting football moments across the entire season. And it is these football moments that are mesmerizing and entertaining to watch just as they are appealing and attractive to bet on. 

Betting on Boxing Day is always at high levels. Clubs’ fans and betting fans alike, find these games as excellent opportunities to make their own celebrations through wagers.

And sportsbooks are well aware of that! They offer a wide range of markets for Boxing Day events, making betting even more interesting and enticing.

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Is This Year Any Different?

For those of you who are interested in betting on Boxing Day, however, there are some things that you need to take into consideration before making your choices on your wagers. 

And that’s because Boxing Day this year is the day when the Premier League resumes after its FIFA World Cup break. And what does this mean? Are there any issues that are likely to influence clubs’ -and individual footballers’ – performance? 

* There is no continuity and natural flow of the matches’ progress as they have been paused for nearly a month now. So, the dynamics of clubs and their footballers might not be the same as they were prior to the break.

* Footballers are coming into Boxing Day with the experiences, feelings, emotions and the morale they have gained or built in the World Cup matches. So, they are not white canvas, they carry with them their psychology piled up in Qatar, whether this is positive or negative. Some players will have a boosted morale, some will be disappointed, some will be proud and eager for their next performance while some will feel less motivated.

* There is, most likely, strong physical fatigue for the players that appear in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and injuries while at the competition. And this doesn’t involve only serious injuries, but overall fatigue from the harsh training and intense matches.

These are crucial to take into account in betting and for this reason, you’d better do some research and some extra reading on what actually happened in the World Cup. So, before making any choices on betting, consider all these issues that make this year’s Boxing Day different from all previous ones. 

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